Why Is This?

Welcome. My name is Mike and I started this blog page so I could post my journal I wrote while coming off of Zoloft and suffering from SSRI Withdrawal Syndrome. At the end of Feb. I start to get electric shocks pulsing through my body and getting upset more often. It seemed all the things that rolled off my shoulder while on the Zoloft were bubbling up and I couldn’t stop the panic attacks and the shocks. So while trying to taper off the Zoloft the shocks were getting worse and I had no idea what was happening so I stopped the Zoloft all together in a freak-out moment afraid that the drug was killing my central nervous system and I was getting really sick. Well I was right, then the mania, I would say more but thats why I’m posting this journal. Its tense, raw, real, scary and honest.

3.5.12 As of this moment I’m still in a therapist’s “Process” of getting over this.

3.6.12 And now just cancelled with him for other treatment, that isn’t anxiety only, but what’s really is at the core of this Monster!


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